Start. Stop.

It's ok to start things with enthusiasm and stop when it dwindles. Its ok to start and stop. After all, when we stop doing something, we start doing something else. Following your curiosity may open up doors you never knew existed and take you down paths you never imagined, but just because you started on one path it doesn't mean you have to stay on that one path.

Just like writing blogs, I started writing a few years ago and immediately put myself on a schedule, once a week at a certain time on a certain day. While this was good discipline, I could not force the thoughts that would create a blog I wanted to share. Now I'm back because I felt an itch to share. From now on I'm following that itch, that urge, wherever it takes me. I'll never know what doors or paths reveal themselves but the key is to keep moving, even if you momentarily pause to choose a direction.