'Building blocks'

There is so much I have learned from the property industry. The thought that crossed my mind recently is the importance of realistic planning.

For some dreamers, the word 'realistic' is triggering. It shouldn't be. Making a vision become reality is the goal. You SHOULD be realistic. Being realistic is asking “How do we make this thing REAL... in REAL life?”

Creating a building from nothing is very hard. It starts with a vision.. one day there is nothing but empty space and sometime later, you have a building that holds people and businesses. Without careful, realistic planning, this vision would not have become real.

You must must must think of all eventualities when planning. This is not “negative”, this is smart. You have to plan and have contingencies in place because invariably, something will go wrong. Again, this is not thinking “negatively”, this is simply planning for real-world circumstances. Be ok with it! Things not going your way is not the end of the world, especially if you have foreseen it and planned for it.

Set budgets and bring in the people that will do their utmost to make the vision reality. Keep the team motivated and following your north star. Be adaptable. As new information surfaces, prepare to be nimble.

Stick to a schedule, but expect it will probably take 2x as long and 3x the cost quoted!

Being prepared is smart. Being aware is being equipped. Try not to confuse being prepared with being negative.